This is the book that resulted in the investigations into the FDNY radios and what really happened to over 100 FDNY Chiefs, Officers and Firefighters, known as New York City's Bravest on 9/11.

It contains over 80 official documents, many exposed for the first time anywhere that reveal a trail of greed and betrayal that truly shocked America.

Written by a current New York City Battalion Chief and a former law enforcement officer from California, this explosively revealing book names names and backs up what it reveals.

The manuscript of this book formed the basis for the NBC news programs and print media articles that broke this story open before the 9/11 Commission hearings in New York City.

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21st Feb 2008:
The site has been moved. As of today, you can still purchase the book through and Barnes&

21st November 2005:
A whole bunch of stories were added to the Tell Us Your Story section, so go read 'em!

9th June 2005:
IMPORTANT NOTICE - we had e-mail issues we weren't aware about until just yesterday. They are all fixed now, but subsequently, we are about a month behind in answering e-mails... If you have been trying to get in touch with us via e-mail, try resending now that everything is up and running again! If you are with the press, call Bill Bowen directly at (818) 209-1056.

16th May 2005:
So many things have happened with the book this year so far it's crazy! We are now listed on and Barnes&, and word of the book seems to be spreading everywhere. Have you checked out our Your Stories section lately?

27th November 2004:
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26th November 2004:
The book is now in it's First Edition Hardcover (with dust jacket) form and you can purchase that through the site as of today! From here on in, only the hardcover version of the book will be available from the website.

22nd October 2004:
We will be attending the firefighter's FDIC East Convention in Atlantic City and will be gone from the 25th of October through the 1st of November. Shipping of book orders will be delayed for those days only. If you are planning to attend, we hope you'll stop by and say hello. We will be in booth number 538!

2nd October 2004:
Are you wondering if there is anything you can do to help raise awareness on this story? Well there is! Click on the What Can I Do? link above to to find out how!

27th August 2004:
Have any of you who use radios as part of your job had issues in the past? Are you currently having issues? Click on the Tell Us Your Story link above to share your story with us!

24th July 2004:
The first public edition of Radio Silence is now available! Check back here soon for a list of all of the retailers carrying the book!

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